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Favorite First Season TnT Moments

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Favorite First Season TnT Moment

Decon (Broken Bow)
You Didn't Shoot Me Last Night? (Strange New World)
Inexplicable Jealousy (Unexpected)
Personal Discussion (Breaking the Ice)
Other (Explain Below)
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Re: Favorite First Season TnT Moments

Postby Verse Ranger » Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:57 pm

This was a tough choice here, but I went with Unexpected because that scene is so much fun to watch. Trip is having a conversation with three people, but she's totally focused on him, ignoring Archer and Phlox completely until the very end.
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Re: Favorite First Season TnT Moments

Postby Frakme » Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:04 am

Well I think the first time they met has some serious subtext. So we know that Vulcans don't shake hands but she has been around humans long enough to realise that turning your back on someone who is giving you a friendly greeting is rude? She could have acknowledged his overture with a simple nod of the head. Perhaps she'd needed to compose herself because she experienced a sudden visceral reaction to him?
Of course if she were me, I'd be a puddle of too on the floor :D
What I wouldn't give to have an Episode of Enterprise where Trip somehow manages to loses his uniform and gets covered in Nutella.

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