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Postby Kotik » Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:05 pm

EntAllat wrote:
THE Rigil Kent wrote:I don't know if this has been covered elsewhere, but I figured this would be a good place for it. I noticed that in some of the more active sections, we have threads that are more than 100 pages in length. This particular forum software might have fixed it, but I know many forums start to choke and run slower when you have immense threads that long or longer. Have you considered closing threads when they reach 100 pages and starting new ones?

I hadn't thought of that. It would depend on how the new phpbb database app is structured whether this would show up as a problem for us, but it's a good idea to consider. Thanks for mentioning it.

Thread length has usually absolutely no influence on the performance of the forum software. The only defining element in that case is the database and its performance. Performance issues with mega-threads only occur, if the database server is residing in a different domain and/or if it is underdimensioned. Over at the GTRP forum, we have threads with 2700 pages and more than 54000 posts and the forum still runs smooth, because the database packs quite a punch. The software itself is of minor influence, It solely depends on whether or not the database server can handle the size of the data.
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