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Welcome--The Delphic Expanse Vision

Postby Aquarius » Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:16 pm

Hi there, and welcome!

The Delphic Expanse was created by Honeybee, Aquarius, and Mistress Euclid. We wanted a fun, safe, sane environment where Enterprise fans of all stripes would feel welcome and comfortable. This forum is the first phase of our vision; a website complete with fan fiction archive is in the works and will follow in the future.

Though built on a foundation of the Trip and T'Pol 'ship, we are open to other 'ships, including Archer/T'Pol and various slash pairings. This means we're trusting you to not get all freaked out and judgmental over anything that isn't your cup of tea. Everything is clearly marked according to pairing and whether the genre is het or slash. If a pairing or genre is disagreeable to you, please simply do the mature thing and stay out of that section! If you are curious and want to explore a pairing or genre you haven't tried before, you are welcome to look around, we just ask that you do so with an open mind, and live and let live if it turns out to not be your thing. You don't want to take other people's crap for what you like, after all.

To us, it's like you're guests in our home. We ask that you behave as though you would at someone else's house. That means respect other guests, respect your hosts, and respect the house and the house rules. As your hosts, we'd rather be mingling and making sure all the guests are having a good time, not putting out fires caused by rowdy behavior or asking disrespectful guests to leave.

We know you're here because you want that kind of place, too, and we're excited that you joined!

If there's anything we can do to make your stay more pleasant, please feel free to contact any Admin via Private Message.

Thanks for checking us out!

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