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Art Workshop Guidelines

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Art Workshop Guidelines

Postby Misplaced » Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:03 pm

As we embark on our first Art Workshop experience, I'm setting down some guidelines (that we've already agreed on) so there is no confusion. :mrgreen:

Stealing a bit from the Writing Workshop, here are our rules when giving each other critiques:

1) We will express ourselves politely.
2) We will make suggestions, not demands.
3) We will be constructive and honest.
4) Our comments will be relevant to the work itself.
5) We can interact with one another and respond to one another in the response posts, but must keep focus on the work.

Our mode of operations for this workshop will be the following.

1) All exercises will come from "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain"
2) Every Monday, I will post a thread for that week's assignment with a breif description and, if possible, examples.
3) We have a week to complete the assignment and post it in the thread -- if possible. (Thinking of Reanok here!)
4) If at all possible, make the work for the weekly assignment Trek related. (Though I understand there will be times when it's just not gonna happen.)
5) Comments or critiques are allowed in the assignment thread, however it must be strictly related to the work itself (as stated in the guidelines).

I also encourage each of you to start a "sketchbook" thread of your own to post any wips you might have. The work in your personal "sketchbook" thread doesn't need to be related to the weekly assignments, or even Star Trek.

Here we go!
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