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Postby Jamieson » Fri May 31, 2013 6:54 am

Well...that could be a an issue, depending on others' software access. I used Windows Movie Maker on Windows XP way back when I started vidding (10 years ago) and used that for a couple years (I prided myself on developing ways to make make WMM do things it was never intended to do); it's great for beginners, but you can get frustrated with it after awhile, although I assume it's improved over the years. I then upgraded to Pinnacle Studio 8 sometime in late 2005, if the publish dates on my website are to be believed (can't remember that far back). That program was relatively cheap (in the $80 range at the time), and was a significant improvement over WMM in what you do with it. I upgraded to Sony Vegas Pro 8 for the last vid I managed to complete before my long hiatus, in 2008 - that one had a bit of a learning curve involved.

When I returned to vidding last fall, I broke down and bought Sony Vegas Pro 12, which was just released back in's a fantastic professional program (again a learning curve, but it lets you do a lot and once you get the hang of it it's fairly user friendly - although there are still many features that I haven't even had a chance to take a look at), but it is quite expensive, running about $600 for the normal version (I managed to get my hands on a copy of the Student version - which is the exact same product with all the same features for half the price - but that was also quite a pretty penny). It also takes its toll on your system - I purchase my computers with vidding in mind, so I have a fairly powerful HP laptop. For those reasons, it may not be something that many people will have access to.

I've taken a quick look at what WMM looks like with Windows 7 recently, and I admit that the new design/layout thoroughly baffled me - although to be fair I haven't really taken the time to play around with it, so it might be something I can work with after a quick walk-through to learn the new design.

So yeah...on the technical side in terms of specific programs I may not be the best participant, although I can certainly try if we're all in the same learning boat (or if someone more knowledgeable can offer pointers). In terms of the technical side of the vid itself (program aside), as well as for content and different techniques and such that are universal no matter what program one uses, I can definitely join in on the discussion. I haven't talked vidding in a long time, so I'm up for anything :)

I also meant to mention that if anyone wants pointers in how to get the source material (ie. clips from DVDs), I can help...or even supply requested clips, if preferred.
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