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Writing Workshop Questions

Here's general open information about the writing workshops we offer here. You can announce your intention to workshop a fic or open a for everyone's eyes discussion. Fics are workshopped in the private workshop forum. You can also look for a beta reader and discuss betaing issues here.

Writing Workshop Questions

Postby Honeybee » Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:27 pm

If you do join a writing workshop as a critic, here are some questions to help you formulate your critique:

1) Are the characters, if they are canon, in character? Are they well delineated? Is the dialogue in character?
2) If there are OCs, do they serve a function? Are they well-developed?
3) Is the scene(s) well-described?
4) Are there any canon violations? Does the alien culture described (Vulcans or otherwise) fit in with canon?
5) Does the plot make sense? Does it flow? If unfinished, do you see any possible resolutions?
6) Any other suggestions?
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