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Writing Workshop Rules/Information

Here's general open information about the writing workshops we offer here. You can announce your intention to workshop a fic or open a for everyone's eyes discussion. Fics are workshopped in the private workshop forum. You can also look for a beta reader and discuss betaing issues here.

Writing Workshop Rules/Information

Postby Honeybee » Thu Sep 30, 2010 6:07 am

So, here's how our Writing Workshops work:

1) If you would like a fic workshopped, let me know. I will announce it in this forum as well as create a thread for your fic in the private workshop area that you can access.
2) If you wish to participate in the workshop as a critic, let me know and I will add you to the writing workshop group. As a member of that group, you will be able to access the private forum for workshop threads.
3) Once we get a group of three or more critics, the workshop can begin.

The author's must remember:

1)Your fic can be finished or in progress but no more than 10 pages to keep participation high.
1) You are not allowed to respond until all the critics have read the fic and responded. I will post a list of the critics, so you will no when everyone is done.
2) Then, you are allowed one post as general response, and one individual question/response to each poster. You don't have to use them all. You must be polite and respectful.
3) After that, the conversation can continue for a day or so, until the thread is locked.

The critics' must:

1) Express themselves politely.
2) Make suggestions, not demands.
3) Be constructive and honest.
4) Should make themselves available and post their response during the time set by the narrator.
5) Can interact with one another and respond to one another in the response posts, but must keep focus on the fic.
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