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Rick Berman interview

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Rick Berman interview

Postby T'Arwen » Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:15 am

I know this is from 2009 so my apologies if anyone has already seen it. Immediately after TATV, I believed everyone who demonized him but I was quite surprised Berman came off as a normal guy. Some of the most interesting comments were about ENT's apparent disrespect of "canon" and how he regrets not addressing the haters during the show's run. ... 9HcSB9WDTQ

TNG [19:30 – 1:17:15]

DS9 [1:17:15 – 1:43:10]

Voyager [1:43:10 – 2:08:20]

Enterprise [2:08:20 – 2:39:15]

movies [2:39:15 – 2:43:40]

Final wrap-up, favorites, and regrets [2:43:30 – end]
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