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I've been writing fanfiction since 2005. It's an enjoyable hobby. I've been a Star Trek fan since TOS but never wrote Star Trek fanfiction until Enterprise which I loved. Wish it was still on. It ended far too soon.

Prior to starting to write Star Trek fanfiction, I confess I had no idea about 'ships.' I simply liked the story. However, as I learned about these, I found I preferred the Archer/T'Pol ship better than any other. It just seems natural to me. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate another author's point of view or choice of 'ship,' it just means that the A/T is my preferred one. My basic attitude it ‘live and let live.' We all have our preferences but that doesn't preclude the ability to appreciate the IDIC.

I look forward to participating at the Delphic Expanse. I hope you enjoy my various stories (some of which you may have seen at previously.)

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Series by asearcher

Written for the TV Land Challange crossover.


Hawkeye Pierce of the 4077th has a chance meeting with the improbable on a cold night in Korea.



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