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Trip dives into danger in order to save a Vulcan child.

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Published: December 08, 2020 Updated: October 09, 2021
Story Notes:

The events of this story take place only a few days after the last scene of “Terra Prime” (and the true end of the series, IMHO) so, naturally, spoilers for everything, but mostly “Terra Prime”.

Note: Malcolm doesn't make an appearance until nearly the end of the story in Chapter Five but, because of the nature of the story and the fact that I began this long ago during "Drown Malcolm Month", it seemed only fitting that he should, even if only briefly.

Thank you to Aquarius for her workshopping help years ago, and to my beta for this story, Panyasan.

Thank you too, to all my readers over the years. I began this story as mere notes in 2010 and as a scribbled outline and fully fledged idea in 2011 thanks to The Delphic Expanse. Then life - family passings, new jobs, hurricanes and history - happened. If it wasn't for the enthusiasm of fanfic readers I wouldn't have come back to it after ten years.


1. Chapter 1 by EntAllat [Reviews - 0] (1247 words)

2. Chapter 2 by EntAllat [Reviews - 0] (2073 words)

3. Chapter 3 by EntAllat [Reviews - 0] (1647 words)

Author's note: My apologies for this being so long in coming. December and much of January were a little more than I expected and my muse apparently decided to take a holiday break without telling me. 

Also, it appears some formatting didn't making it into Chapter Two. I've updated that with the proper italics in the necessary places and corrected a few typos, etc. I am looking for a beta that can help with offering an editorial and copywriter eye to this and my upcoming stories, so if you're good at that sort of thing and would like to volunteer, please let me know.

4. Chapter 4 by EntAllat [Reviews - 0] (2131 words)

Author's note:  OMG, I'm so sorry. I never meant to make y'all wait almost a year for another chapter! In fact, my original goal had been to put this chapter out by Christmas 2020 or New Year's Day and then wrap it up around Valentine's Day 2021.

But. Three freak snowstorms, power failures in sub zero temperatures, three hail storms, a new roof, a totaled car, some insane work hours, a Delta surge, and a couple of dire family emergencies later? 2021 has really tried to outdo 2020 in my neck of the woods and it's not done yet.

So. Anyway. How are you? That's nice. Good to hear. Here is chapter four. Finally. 

P.S. THANK YOU to all who stuck around hoping for more of this story and to all of you who said nice things about it. It's so very much appreciated, you have no idea. Given the state of things the final chapter of this story may be delayed as well, but hopefully not nearly as long.