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This is an AU of the episode Twilight. May not make sense if have not seen that episode.

10/22/2021 Hi. This is Chuk49. I just wanted to say that I still sign on often and want to thank all of you who have honored me by reading my story. 

And if anyone would feel like leaving a reveiw, I would be thrilled and assure you I will see it. 

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Published: June 19, 2020 Updated: December 08, 2020

1. Chapter 1 by Chuk49 [Reviews - 0] (258 words)

These characters belong to Paramount. This is even their story, I just tweaked it a little.

This begins after Archer says, "How Far?" when T'Pol informs them their relationship has evolved through the years.

2. Chapter 2 by Chuk49 [Reviews - 0] (1145 words)

Archer learns more of what has happened

3. Chapter 3 by Chuk49 [Reviews - 0] (2049 words)

Archer meets their visitor and he and T'Pol face new challenges

4. Chapter 4 by Chuk49 [Reviews - 0] (1490 words)

This is the end.