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Captain Tucker receives an uplifting gift from his crew. 

Rated: PG
Categories: General Characters: Reed, Tucker
Genre & Keywords: General, Humor
Story Type: Story
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Published: September 02, 2019 Updated: September 17, 2019
Story Notes:

I started this story years and years ago, meaning for it to be a gentle intro to a series of related pieces I was working on. Then just a whole lot of life happened – both good and bad - and I fell away from writing.

Then, without warning, my creative muse came back from her vacation and promptly demanded attention. This short, fun story seemed like an excellent way to shake the rust from my keyboard, warm up my writing muscles, and say hello to these characters and this world again.

As it turns out, even after significant editing, the timeline of this story doesn’t quite mesh with any of the others I have planned. So… here it is, just because and with no particular relation to anything else I’ve done, or any of the upcoming fics.

Update: I removed most of the 'ships and other character's histories from this final version of this story, to streamline it and since it's not part of the other series I'm working on. There's a hint of TnT here but I tried to leave the details vague for this fic.


Many thanks to my beta, Cap'n Frances.

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