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MU Tucker meets RU Tucker and T'Pol.

Rated: R
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Genre & Keywords: Mirror Universe
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Published: July 20, 2016 Updated: May 15, 2017
Story Notes:

Author's notes: In 2011, I wrote a series of 20 short chapters, around 200 words per chapter, about the Mirror Universe of Enterprise, called The Naked Truth. The story was liked but some reviewers preferred a more extended version. This story is that extended version and, just like its predecessor, mostly from MU Tucker’s point of view. All the scenes take place in the Mirror Universe. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to my amazing beta EntAllat.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended.

Time line: This story takes place in 2155, shortly after the episode In a Mirror, Darkly in the Mirror Universe. In the Real Universe it takes place shortly after Terra Prime (2155) and one year before the Romulan War (2156).

1. Chapter 1: Empty by panyasan [Reviews - 0] (1992 words)

2. Chapter 2: Empire by panyasan [Reviews - 0] (1301 words)

3. Chapter 3: Think by panyasan [Reviews - 0] (1377 words)

4. Chapter 4: Naked by panyasan [Reviews - 0] (2248 words)

5. Chapter 5: Trip by panyasan [Reviews - 0] (2761 words)

Thanks to my beta Dinah. 

6. Chapter 6: T'Pol by panyasan [Reviews - 0] (9078 words)

7. Chapter 7: Picture by panyasan [Reviews - 0] (2459 words)

A/N: see chapter 1. Many thanks to my beta Cap'n Frances.