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A series of characters' personal thoughts coinciding with each episode of Enterprise. These thoughts will help clarify both the seen, unseen, and action that should have happened on the screen. Chapters range from G - R.

Rated: R
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Warnings: M-preg (Male Pregnancy)
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Published: August 06, 2014 Updated: August 06, 2014
Story Notes:

As stated before this is a series of chapters of characters' thoughts written after each episode has finished. I challeneged myself to keep each chapter at around 1000 words for both succinctness and ease of writing. Not every character's thoughts will be shared on every chapter, only those that seem most relevant to the episode.

Please note that while I am challenging myself to keep to 1000 words per episode any double episodes will be posted together as one chapter and will therefore be 2000 words.

And of course, I don't own anything relating to Star Trek etc and am making no profit by the writing of this story.

1. Chapter 1 by Artisticmom2 [Reviews - 2] (2094 words)

Many thanks to the ever wonderful Tish for wielding the red pen.