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The cracks in Series 6 of Doctor Who affects many universes, including Trip Tucker's. Suddenly, time doesn't make sense. The Doctor needs a lot of help, so who's he going to call? Again, this features multiple Doctors and Companions, now including Clara Oswin Oswald ("Souffle Girl").

Rated: PG
Categories: Crossover > Doctor Who and Torchwood Characters: Archer, Ensemble, Other, Reed, Tucker
Genre & Keywords: Action, AU, Drama, Humor, Time Travel
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Published: June 21, 2013 Updated: June 21, 2013
Story Notes:

Here it is (finally): the sequel to "Trip and the Terrific Tardis!" Sorry it's taken this long...had some plot issues, a lot of Real Life issues, and some laptop issues. I'll try to update regularly.

This takes place in the same universe as "Trip and the Terrific TARDIS". Trip and T'Pol are bondmates, Malcolm and Hoshi are married. Trip and Malcolm retain the memories of their travels through time, as well as of the Doctor, Rose, Jack, Donna and Company.Again, this features multiple Doctors and Companions, including Clara Oswin Oswald ("Souffle Girl"). This time, Trip also meets the three Doctors he didn't actually meet in "TatTT". Which three didn't he meet last time?

Star Trek Enterprise is owned by CBS/Paramount. Doctor Who and Torchwood are owned by the BBC. No infringement meant...I'm just the favorite aunt that takes the characters on an adventure once in a while.

1. A Welcome Addition to the Reed Family by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 0] (2214 words)

Nine months after "Trip and the Terrific TARDIS", Trip's life has changed in more ways than one. 

Spoilers: Doctor Who "A Good Man Goes to War". See if you can find a very important piece of the Doctor's history in this chapter.

2. Chapter 2 by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 0] (2080 words)

Trip sees a familiar scenario, and ends up in a familiar-yet-not-familiar universe. Why is this phenomenon centered on Columbia? We get some important clues in this chapter.

OCs: Lt (j.g.) Birkenwald is from my stories "A Klingon and an Englishman Go into a Bar" and "Five Weddings (and a Funeral for my Sanity"). Ensign Neal Campbell is from "Voices of Treachery".

In "Trip and the Terrific TARDIS", Trip and Malcolm visit an alternate universe where A.G. Robinson is alive and Jon Archer is a famed diplomat and negotiator for the United Earth Coalition. (Trip met Captain Jack Harkness on Risa). Keep that in mind during this story.