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During the events of E2, Lorian and Trip clearly had more time to talk than we were ever shown. Trip contemplates mortality, while Lorian contemplates identity.

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Published: June 08, 2013 Updated: June 16, 2013
Story Notes:

This idea was born out of two different questions that kept popping out at me regarding the episode E2. The first was the question of why Lorian seemed so guarded, under the guise of temporal contamination, about the circumstances of Trip's death - while seemingly willing to divulge every other detail about his family's future life - especialy seeing as he was trying to prevent the circumstances that would, in theory, lead to his father's death. Was it simply a sore subject, or was there more to it? Then there was the question of where Lorian's name originated from. Eventually I decided to tackle both curiosities together rather than separately.

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Opening dialogue borrowed from the episode E2.

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