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Sometime during the first season, Jon and Trip have an adventure on an alien space station. Written for the 2012 Holiday Exchange Challenge as a present for Kylah618.

Rated: PG
Categories: Slash > Archer and Tucker Characters: Archer, Tucker
Genre & Keywords: Action, Romance
Story Type: Story
Warnings: None
Series: 2012 Holiday Fic Exchange Stories
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1476 Read: 2868
Published: December 28, 2012 Updated: December 28, 2012
Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I don't own Trek; Not my property.

Thank you for the beta, Aquarius. I hope you enjoy this, Kylah!

Kylah618's specs were:

THREE THINGS I WANT IN MY FIC: 1) Some action/adventure. 2) Archer/Tucker
THREE THINGS I *DON'T* WANT IN MY FIC: 1) "Domestic" scenes 2) Drastic AU
PROMPT (optional): None.

1. Chapter 1 by Honeybee [Reviews - 6] (1476 words)