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A series of coincidences reunites Porthos and his beagle siblings, thanks to the Enterprise crew.

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Published: November 02, 2010 Updated: November 02, 2010
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Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, don't make money off 'em.

This is actually one of the first ENT stories I wrote. It's been sitting on my hard drive for over a year and I've decided to dust it off. A series of coincidental meetings lead to a reunion of Porthos and his siblings. In "A Night in Sickbay", Archer says he got Porthos from the mother of an ex-girlfriend, and he'd had the beagle since he was six weeks old. This is set after "Terra Prime".

1. Artie (D'Artagnan) and Porthos by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 1] (1293 words)

I'd like to give a shout-out to the military personnel stationed in the Hampton Roads, VA area. (Which includes Norfolk Naval Base, Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach, Langley Air Force Base in Hampton and Fort Eustis in Newport News.) My dad's a retired Navy chief and I was a military brat growing up. My parents still live in that area.

And yes, Mount Trashmore is an actual park in Va. Beach, and it does have a Skate Park (modified for hoverboard skaters in this fic.)

You can see a pic of it at http (colon)(double backslash)en(dot)wikipedia(dot)com(backslash)wiki(backslash)Mount(underscore)Trashmore

This is a different kind of story than I usually write.

2. Aramis (aka Gou Xan Zhao) by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 0] (1621 words)

In this chapter, Trip and T'Pol meet an old—and a new—friend. Hong Kong Park is located in Central Hong Kong. It includes an aviary (Edward Youde Aviary) and a greenhouse (Forsgate Conservatory). There are many smaller gardens that are used to practice Tai Chi. (Ironically, it can be accessible through an escalator through a modern mall, Pacific Place :)

Hong Kong Park at Wikipedia: http (colon)(double backslash)en(dot)wikipedia(dot)com(backslash)wiki(backslash)Hong(underscore)Kong(underscore)Park.

Language note: Xiao Leung is pronounced "shee-yow (rhymes with cow) lung" and lit. means "little dragon" in Mandarin Chinese. Gou Xun Zhao is pronounced "goh zhun zhow (rhymes with cow)" and lit. translates to "searching dog" i.e. a literal translation of "beagle", since beagles aren't that common in China and Hong Kong.

3. Athos by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 0] (1614 words)

 Phlox meets a member of Doctor Lucas's family...and a member of Porthos's. Feezal makes a guest appearance in this one, as well as Zoesia, their granddaughter (a link with my earlier fic, "Four Weddings and a Funeral for my Sanity". Zoesia is the daughter of Treesal (Phlox's and Feezal's daughter) and Lieutenant Commander Johannes Birkenwald, one of Malcolm's Armory team).

I rewrote this chapter after I had my children...and this is dedicated to the staff at Sanger Clinic at Carolinas Medical Center Main, in Uptown Charlotte, NC, for their awesome work in pediatric cardiology, esp. Doctor B., my daughter's doctor.

4. The Reunion Gets Planned by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 0] (1268 words)

The plan comes together. In this chapter, you meet the "mother of the ex-girlfriend" who gave Porthos to Archer...as well as the ex-girlfriend herself. And Hoshi marvels at how the Universe seems to align everything just right for the reunion...

And you will see Archer in the last chapter. I promise, and he's in for a surprise.

BTW, the sequel to Dumas's original Musketeer novel had been titled, "Twenty Years After."

5. All for One and One for All by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 1] (1877 words)

Here it is, the reunion! Everyone comes together...and Soval makes a guest appearance.