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Malcolm and Hoshi reflect on the distance between Trip and T’Pol after Trip returns to the ship.

Rated: PG
Categories: Het > Tucker and T'Pol, General Characters: Reed, Sato
Genre & Keywords: Angst, Challenge, General, Missing Scene
Story Type: Story
Warnings: None
Series: “Clipping Clue-pons” POV Fic CHALLENGE
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Word count: 934 Read: 2577
Published: February 25, 2012 Updated: February 27, 2012
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For those of you who missed Season Four episodes through Demons, there WILL be spoilers. This takes place post-Affliction, off-camera. I’ve changed a couple small things that caused controversy when posted at HoT Trip/T’Polers.

1. Clarity Upon Reflection by ginamr [Reviews - 2] (934 words)

A “Clipping Clue-pons” POV Fic CHALLENGE