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Post Terra Prime, Commander Trip Tucker is left to face the ghosts of his past and come to terms with his four years spent on Enterprise. And and unexpected event plunges the crew into a tragic mystery.

Rated: R
Categories: General Characters: Archer, Original Character, T'Pol, Tucker
Genre & Keywords: Angst
Story Type: Story
Warnings: OC
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Word count: 58774 Read: 36472
Published: January 03, 2012 Updated: December 15, 2012
Story Notes:

Thank you, Misplaced, for being a wonderful beta and wielding the mighty Red Pen.

This is about repairing friendships and coming to term with four years of emotional events.  There will be some tender moments.  I have included an OC.  I know that those can often be the death of a fic, but I hope you'll give her a chance.  I did not create her for the sole purpose of being with one character or another.  I created her because I thought that she fit the situation at hand.

Rating is R for now, but may change later. Spoilers up through Terra Prime.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

1. Prologue by Kylah [Reviews - 7] (2669 words)

2. Chapter 1 by Kylah [Reviews - 3] (3974 words)

3. Chapter 2 by Kylah [Reviews - 4] (3417 words)

Again, many thanks to Misplaced for her awesome beta skills.

4. Chapter 3 by Kylah [Reviews - 2] (3368 words)

5. Chapter 4 by Kylah [Reviews - 2] (2994 words)

6. Chapter 5 by Kylah [Reviews - 4] (3177 words)

Many, many thanks to Misplaced for her patience in betaing this twice.

I know that this wasn't intended to be a 'ship fic, but my muse is taking me in unexpected directions. I'm just going to roll with it and see where it lands.

7. Chapter 6 by Kylah [Reviews - 1] (3157 words)

Misplaced, you are the bomb. Thank you.

8. Chapter 7 by Kylah [Reviews - 2] (3260 words)

9. Chapter 8 by Kylah [Reviews - 2] (3689 words)

In thanks to Misplaced for her awesome hard work on this story, a small nod to her is contained in this chapter.

10. Chapter 9 by Kylah [Reviews - 3] (3896 words)

Once again, thanks to Misplaced for weilding the mighty red pen.

11. Chapter 10 by Kylah [Reviews - 2] (3026 words)

I apologize for the long delay. Life has been nothing short of insane.

Many thanks to Misplaced for her invaluable feedback.

12. Chapter 11 by Kylah [Reviews - 0] (4570 words)

13. Chapter 12 by Kylah [Reviews - 1] (3568 words)

Misplaced, you are a gem.

14. Chapter 13 by Kylah [Reviews - 0] (5108 words)

15. Chapter 14 by Kylah [Reviews - 0] (5578 words)

Many, many thanks to Misplaced for her awesome beta skills.

16. Chapter 15 by Kylah [Reviews - 0] (2643 words)

17. Epilogue by Kylah [Reviews - 0] (680 words)