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Spoiler: Star Trek Enterprise: Judgment

The crew of Enterprise plan a rescue with help from unexpected allies.

Rated: PG
Categories: General Characters: Archer, Mayweather, Other, Phlox, Porthos, Reed, Sato, Soval, T'Pol, Tucker
Genre & Keywords: Action, Challenge, Drama, General, Missing Scene
Story Type: Story
Warnings: None
Series: 2011 Holiday Fic Exchange Stories
Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes
Word count: 3914 Read: 4066
Published: January 01, 2012 Updated: January 02, 2012
Story Notes:

For EntAllat. This has been a wonderful experience, creating my first ever Enterprise fan fic, and I am happy to gift it to you!

Thank you to my amazing beta, Kylah. You gave me wonderful suggestions, clarifying my story and improving the flow of the narrative. Perfect!

Thank you to The Delphic Expanse and all who traverse this amazing corner of the universe for encouraging us to push the envelope and create.

Wants: All main characters in the story, including Porthos. From the list of guest characters, I chose Soval and Kolos. Involve the prison, Rura Penthe.

Not Wants: No crack!ship, no AU. No children or domesticity. No romantic mooning.

Prompt: Lost

Disclaimer: All recognized characters are the property of their owners, I am not associated with the original creator, producer, affiliate, owner. No copyright infringement intended.

1. Chapter 1 by tishkajaku [Reviews - 6] (1843 words)

As Enterprise sets course away from the Klingon Empire, Captain Archer meets his fate.

2. Chapter 2 by tishkajaku [Reviews - 4] (2071 words)

The mission is deployed, Enterprise and her crew are fully engaged.