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A biographic story about the effects of the early death of T'Pol’s father on her life, which will shed a new light on the episode The Seventh.

Rated: PG-13
Categories: General Characters: Koss, Other, Soval, T'Les, T'Pol
Genre & Keywords: Drama, Episode Rewrite, Family, Vulcancentric
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Published: December 10, 2011 Updated: November 04, 2012
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Many thanks to my beta Artisticmom2, and my readers and reviewers.

1. Whisper by panyasan [Reviews - 6] (802 words)

T'Pol is 25 years old in this chapter. In Vulcan terms she is a teen.

2. A Vulcan marriage by panyasan [Reviews - 2] (2558 words)

There are a number of Vulcan terms in this chapter like Yuk-tor fam (can't sleep), Ashalik (darling), T'Pol-kam (my little T'Pol) and Adun (husband).

In the first chapter T'Pol grieved her father Kirak, who had died on a mission, an event that would change the lives of T'Les and T'Pol for ever.

This chapter takes places the night before Kirak went away and Kirak and T'Les share their last moments together.

3. Home by panyasan [Reviews - 2] (4007 words)

A/N: This chapter is from T’Pol’s POV and shows the events before and after her father went on his mission to meet Menos. It  follows directly after Chapter Two.

Vulcan words

Tal-kam – dear, a beloved person; term of endearment

Gad-Shi’oren – school event, literally Day of School

Sa-Mekh – father

Ko’Mekh – mother

El'ru'esta – hand embrace, crossing hands at the wrist and touch palms; used as an embrace for beloved or family

Ta’al – Hand salute

Fa’tvi-shal – small house placed before the entrance of the main house, a place for pilgrims and travelers.

Del'haiu – title of respect for elderly people