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Sequel to "...Touching and Touched." Early on the morning after Lorian and Karyn's wedding, a series of vignettes takes a look at our extended family, and several other characters, some new to the series, to see what is on the horizon.

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Friendship > Archer and T'Pol, Het > Tucker and T'Pol, Friendship > Archer and Tucker, Het > Other Het Characters: Archer, Original Character, Other, Shran, Soval, T'Pol, Talas, Tucker
Genre & Keywords: Andorian Oriented, AU, Bond, Drama, Episode Rewrite, Family, General, Romance, Vulcancentric
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Warnings: OC
Series: Reconnecting Series - Book II
Chapters: 17 Completed: Yes
Word count: 19539 Read: 42349
Published: July 16, 2011 Updated: July 17, 2011
Story Notes:

Disclaimer: Star Trek: Enterprise is the property of CBS/Paramount. All original material herein is the property of its author.

Spoilers: Through "Kir'Shara," plus references to "Daedalus," "Observer Effect," the Andorian arc, "Bound," "Demons/"Terra Prime." Also focuses on characters and events from "North Star" and "Damage."

#12 in the Reconnecting Series. This is the PG-13 version of the story.

If you want to know which characters and ideas from Enterprise's 3rd and 4th seasons intrigued me (aside from "Similitude" and "E2", which are kind of a duh), this story pretty much covers them.

Thanks go to my betas boushh and TJ, and to pookha for inspiring me with her musings.

1. Soval by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (1662 words)

The character T'Shara first appeared in "Let Me Be Her." Reading that story is not necessary to follow this one, but it does serve as backstory.

2. Danica by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (1320 words)

Most people dismiss "Daedalus," but I was intrigued by what wasn't explored in the episode, particularly Emory's obsession, Danica's dysfunctional relationship with him, and Archer's view of them both.

3. The Spy by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (475 words)

4. Archer by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (2217 words)

Acknowledgments to the late Carl Sagan for a quote from his magnificent series Cosmos.

5. Bethany by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (1141 words)

I loved "North Star" - the story, the washed-out sepia look, the Western locale, the characters. I'm sorry that the show didn't have a chance to revisit that storyline. Like other dangling plot threads from Season 3 that weren't resolved, this one got my muse going.

6. T'Pol by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (1825 words)

7. The Observer by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (921 words)

"Observer Effect" is my favorite Enterprise episode. But there was so much we didn't get to see! I wanted more. When pookha, a veritable encyclopedia of Trek knowlege, suggested that the two Observers could conceivably be Ayelborne and Claymare, the Organians from TOS' "Errand of Mercy," I was fascinated. So...

8. The Orion by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (1222 words)

9. Soong by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (1352 words)

10. Shran by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (1882 words)

11. The Illyrian by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 1] (1508 words)

One of the more egregious unfinished storylines in Enterprise was "Damage," and the fate of the Illyrian ship. All TPTB had to do was toss off a line about what happened sometime during Season 4, and lay the matter to rest! But they didn't. So I gave it a go. (With considerably more than one line.)

12. Khouri by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (914 words)

13. Jhamel by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (569 words)

14. Karyn by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (635 words)

15. Kyle by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (523 words)

16. Catherine by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (779 words)

17. Epilogue by HopefulRomantic [Reviews - 0] (594 words)