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Post Episode for "E2". Archer seeks out Trip and sees something unexpected. 

Rated: PG
Categories: Het > Tucker and T'Pol Characters: Archer, T'Pol, Tucker
Genre & Keywords: Angst, Challenge, Drama, Family, Missing Scene
Story Type: Story
Warnings: None
Series: Midnight Confessions--June 2011 Word Prompt Responses
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Word count: 656 Read: 4571
Published: June 16, 2011 Updated: June 16, 2011
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Disclaimer: I do not own the trek universe; no profit made.

Response to the June 2011 Word Prompt: Midnight Confessions. Many thanks to Aquarius for the beta and throwing down this prompt.

1. Chapter 1 by Honeybee [Reviews - 9] (656 words)