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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: Enterprise and its characters are the property of CBS/Paramount. No infringement is intended. I own nothing just borrowing them for a while.

The screen faded in from black, and the familiar face of Travis Mayweather loomed in front of it; the focus was shaky and it was obvious from the angle that he was handling a hand held camera of sorts.

He gave a grin then turned it around to reveal a breath taking landscape comprised of vibrant green fields and brilliant blue skies. Standing out against it were Jonathan Archer and Charles Tucker who were beaming as brightly as the helsman. Trip looked more than impressed with what he was seeing.

"Porthos seems to be enjoying it," he said motioning to the dog and the camera moved to where he indicated. Rolling around in the grass was Archer's loyal beagle, his tail waggling back and fourth so fast it was whipping the blades.

"He's been cooped up for a while," Archer replied, his eyes never leaving his four legged companion. "We all have."

Trip nodded and then caught sight of the camera. "What are you doing Travis?" he asked.

"Documenting," he answered, his tone was full of joviality. "It is our first discovery after all."

"You plan to shove a camera in my face every time we go off world?" Trip continued with a slight wince.

"Only when I find it interesting," Travis said. "Besides you've been taking pictures..."

At this the engineer looked down at the camera held loosely at his side, he obviously realized he had a point.

Archer was smiling as he continued looking around, it felt good to feel the sun on his face and he turned to his old friend. "I think it's a good idea Trip," he said and then he looked to the camera. "How would you like to do it in an official capacity?"

"Sounds good sir."

Archer gave a soft smile in return while Trip chuckled lightly.

The screen faded out to black.

An slightly older looking Jonathan Archer stared at the darkened monitor with a small smile on his face, it had been almost ten years since they had stepped foot on that planet.

The day had started off ordinarily enough until a storm front rolled in and had caused the party that remained behind to hallucinate something fierce. It was too bad that Travis hadn't been able to document that because from the accounts of the crew it would have been interesting to see.

He smiled as he recalled the amount of times he would find Travis with his camera. You could be strolling down the corridor then find yourself on the business end of it.

He moved forward and tapped another button to continue.

A view of the deck plating was the opening shot to this section of the video but the voices were more than clear.

"He's got that bloody camera again."

"He takes his second job seriously I'll have you know," came the response.

"I can't believe we're doing this...I can't believe you're making me do this."

"No one twisted your arm Malcolm."

"Hurry up guys," Travis said, amusement in his tone.

"First Risa and now this..." he complained.

"Again...didn't twist your arm."

Travis raised the camera to reveal Trip and Malcolm Reed inside the decon chamber, fully clothed and placing red jello carefully down on the floor. "You know Hoshi is going to kill you for this," Trip said looking back at a point just beyond the camera.

"We have to make it look good," Travis replied. "Isn't that what getting even is all about."

"I do have to confess," Malcolm said with a soft tone and a small smile. "That prank she pulled on you last month was quite entertaining."

Trip chuckled, obviously at the memory and then looked to Travis. "That was hilarious but I think this may just top it." He stood up. "Let's make the call."

The camera moved towards the jello and then was placed down out the way, a pair of legs coming into view then began moving away. Travis walked towards the doors, shared a mischievous look with the two men and tapped the comm button.

"Mayweather to Ensign Sato."

"Go ahead."

"We've got something you should see," he said looking down to the jello, his voice was firm but Trip couldn't keep a straight face. "We brought a friend back from the planet earlier." Travis paused to compose himself. "We're having trouble communicating with it..."

As he was viewing the video the door to his ready room chimed. Archer paused it. "Come in." The door slid open to reveal his first officer. T'Pol stepped in, glancing to the monitor and then back to him.

"Am I interrupting?" she asked quietly.

"No...just reviewing these recordings," Archer said with wistful tone.

"For Ms. Brooks?"

"Yeah. She wanted some personal memories for her documentary and I gave her permission to use Travis' footage."

Archer looked at the screen where he had paused it, he knew the recordings contained both good memories and bad memories and he was going to do his best to ensure that the final version was perfectly balanced.

"I never realized how much Travis had recorded..."

T'Pol lowered her gaze for a moment then looked up to him. "It has been ten years," she reminded him quietly.

It seemed weird to hear it out loud and he turned to her slowly. "I don't know how I am going to limit it down."

"Perhaps I could be of some assistance," T'Pol asked. "Enterprise is being decommissioned next month and I am sure she would like adequate time to complete her assignment."

Decommission wasn't a word he had ever expected to associate with his ship, he knew this assignment wouldn't last forever but it was hard to believe how ten years had gone by so fast.

He swallowed hard as he looked back to the screen with a reminiscent look. It was no good dwelling on the past, just because he was losing his ship didn't mean it was the end of his career. There were other NX ships out there doing the same thing Enterprise had done all those years ago.

"You'd better get comfortable," Archer said brightly as he activated the screen and looked to her. He sat down with a small smile. "We've got ten years worth of memories to review."

The smile remained etched on his face...

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