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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the television shows referenced in this story. This is not for profit.

Thank you so much for the beta, Aquarius! This story isn't meant to be deep, just fun. 

Travis Mayweather had the night off. He'd spent a few hours of it writing letters to his family, and then he settled down to watch some old fashioned comedy vids. He didn't watch them much anymore, but when he was a kid, he and his brother had spent many hours watching and laughing at the wacky adventures. 

"Is Earth really like that?" he'd asked his mother once, and she'd laughed. 

"Yes," she replied, "all the communications systems on Earth are made of coconuts and bamboo." 

Travis smiled to himself as he settled into his bunk. He fired up a favorite episode, but strangely he felt tired. It was only 1900 hours, but he nodded off anyway. He thought that the strange orange light that suddenly surrounded him must have been from the vid screen. 

Travis's eyes flew open, and he breathed in humid, jungle air. He looked down, and his uniform had somehow been replaced by white pants and a red shirt. His hands moved to his head, wear he found a white sailor's cap. 

"Little Buddy," came a commanding voice from the jungle. "Could you come here?" It was the captain's voice, so Travis followed it. 

He made his way through the palm fronds and found a clearing. He saw Captain Archer, clad in a blue shirt and sailor's cap, fiddling with some sort of device. Next to him knelt Hoshi, and she was wearing the most adorable blue and white short shorts with a matching...something. 

"I can't make this work, Skipper," she said. 

The captain saw him and waved him over. "She can't get the radio to work. Find the Professor. He'll fix it." 

Travis blinked. "Where's the Professor?" he heard himself ask. 

The captain pointed to his left, and Travis scrambled back into the jungle. 

Phlox looked up at the scans, and then over to the captain. 

"It's not a normal sleep captain, but the areas of the brain that control dreaming are hyperactive." 

Captain Archer sighed. For the first time ever, Travis had been late to his shift. Eventually, they'd had to send security to check his quarters, where the officer had found Travis in a near comatose state. "Can you wake him?" asked Archer.

"Not until I have a better understanding of the nature of his condition," replied Phlox. "He appears in no danger right now. He may very well wake on his own." 

Travis crunched through the brush, and he heard voices. He found himself near a hut, and in front of it sat two people in a lounge chair. One was Lieutenant Reed, dressed in white pants and a sweater-vest, topped with a panama hat. He sipped some sort of drink out of a coconut. Next to him lay a blue skinned woman with antennae, who wore a pink dress and sunglasses. 

"Lovey," said Malcolm, "Do you hear something?" 

The woman sighed. "It looks like Gilligan is here." 

Malcolm turned toward him. "Oh, Gilligan. Could you do us the favor of freshening our drinks? There's a tenner in it for you." 

Travis blinked. "I'm on an errand for the captain," he replied. 

Malcolm said. "Then afterwards." 

Travis nodded, and he headed down a nearby path. 

Phlox sighed. The scans made no sense. Suddenly, T'Pol appeared in sickbay, carrying a PADD. 

"Doctor," she said, "I've identified an anomaly. Commander Tucker helped me modify the sensors, and we've detected a strange burst of radiation, which was isolated to Mr. Mayweather's cabin." 

Phlox looked at the data. "I've never seen a reading quite like this." 

She nodded. "It appears to be a natural phenomenon, and a random one at that." 

Phlox sighed. "I might be able to use this to develop a treatment plan." 

Travis made his way to the next straw hut. Outside it, Trip sat in a chair, fiddling with some sort of coconut device. Next to him stood T'Pol, with red hair, flipped up at her shoulders, and dressed in a shimmering white evening gown. 

"It is not logical. How is it that you can develop a battery cell from the local fruits, but you can't fix the shuttlepod?" she asked. 

He continued to work on the device. "Well, darlin'," he replied, "I don't know why you brought twenty different evening gowns for a three hour shuttle mission, but you don't see me complaining." 

With that, he stood up and kissed her. On the mouth. Travis's eyes widened. Like everyone, he'd heard rumors about them. He cleared his throat. 

"What do you want, Gilligan?" asked Trip, clearly exasperated, his eyes still on T'Pol.

"The captain wants you to come help him and Hoshi fix the comm system." 

T'Pol also kept her eyes trained on Trip, but suddenly her stance changed. She no longer reminded Travis of a movie star but rather of a science officer. "It is true that you've never met a busted radio you can't fix, Commander." 

"Commander. Commander..." 

Phlox sighed. T'Pol had been standing outside the imaging chamber, giving Phlox information on the radiation, when she had suddenly gone into something like a catatonic state. Phlox couldn't put her in the imaging chamber while Travis remained there, but a preliminary scan indicated her brain waves were eerily in synch with Mr. Mayweather's. It was the strangest thing. Thankfully, she appeared in no distress.

T'Pol looked around, and she immediately recognized she'd entered an alternate reality of some kind. Her strange dress. The oddly sterile jungle. The fact that Commander Tucker stood before her, except that it wasn't him but a dream version of him. 

However, Mayweather's expression was different. "Commander T'Pol, is that you?" 

She stepped toward him. "Yes," she replied. "Do you recall what happened before you came here?" 

Mayeather sighed, and he explained he'd been in his cabin, watching an old comedy. He managed to do this while not being distracted by her rather mesmerizing dress.

"I am not sure how I managed to enter your state of altered consciousness," she replied, "but Phlox was working on cure for your condition." 

Commander Tucker came up behind her, and he winked at her. Although it was difficult to discern given his dark skin, T'Pol believed Mayweather was blushing. 

Trip looked at T'Pol, and he was nervous, despite Phlox insisting she was in no distress. She was catatonic, dammit. 

"So, you want me to use our Vulcan bond to see if I can wake her up?"

Phlox nodded. "It will be far less traumatic for her than a conventional method."

Trip glanced at the captain. He and T'Pol hadn't told anyone about the bond. Vulcans didn't talk about it, except apparently to their physicians. Trip sighed. He stepped forward and very gently entwined his fingers into hers...

T'Pol had been ignoring the dream version of her mate, but suddenly, she witnessed a change in his features. His eyes were now alive. 

"Aren't you a little overdressed for the jungle?" he asked, looking around. Then, he grinned. 

"Mr. Mayweather has generated this reality based on an ancient television program of little logic." 

Travis stepped forward. "It's got plenty of logic, if you view it as a microcosm of society." 

Trip nodded. "He's right, Commander. I studied this program when I was at the academy. Took 20th Century Culture as a humanities elective. It's a classic." 

She sighed. After all these years, human cultural tastes were a mystery to her. 

"Phlox wants to wake Travis up, but he won't do it since he managed to suck you into his dream state. I'm here to wake you up before Phlox can do it." 

Trip turned to Travis. "Don't do anything to mess up this rescue, Gilligan." 

Trip placed his hands in hers. 

T'Pol's eyes flew open. She stood in sickbay, her hand in Trip's. She looked over to see Captain Archer and Phlox staring at her. Trip's eyes fluttered open. 

"How did you accomplish that?" she asked him.

Trip smiled. "I think I'm getting good at this Vulcan mojo. I just concentrated on waking us up, and we woke up." 

Phlox, who was staring at the scans on the imaging chamber, smiled deeply. "It's as I suspected. Travis's subconscious somehow reached out to T'Pol in order to sustain the dream-state. Now that she's been removed, it's dissipating. I suspect Mr. Mayweather will be awake soon. 

T'Pol turned and saw the captain look relieved. She, however, wasn't quite sure how to articulate a report of what she had seen. 

About a week later, Travis arrived at the mess hall for "movie night", where he was the guest of honor. Trip had picked out three classic episodes of Gilligan's Island, and attendance was high. 

Hoshi greeted him at the door. "You're the guest of honor." 

"I had hoped you'd come dressed as Maryann," he replied, and she laughed. 

In the back, he saw Trip and T'Pol, in uniform, and seated together. He had thanked them both for helping him. Apparently, an accident though it was, her presence in his mind, had been very helpful in bringing him out of the dream state. And, she had made an awfully cute Ginger, too. 

He sat down next to them, and he smiled. It was weird enough dreaming about your superior officers. Having them enter your dream was even weirder. 

Trip smiled at him and offered him popcorn. 

"I am curious," said T'Pol, "why of all the many comedy programs in Earth's history, you chose this one." 

Travis smiled. "Sometimes, humans just need to laugh. It's as simple as that." 

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