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The crew(s) of Enterprise end up in the middle of the French Revolution and must find a way back to their own time.

Rated: G
Categories: General Characters: Ensemble, Other
Genre & Keywords: Action, Challenge, Drama, General, Humor, Mirror Universe, Time Travel
Story Type: Story
Warnings: None
Series: 2011 March History Challenge
Chapters: 1 Completed: No
Word count: 2137 Read: 2363
Published: April 22, 2011 Updated: April 23, 2011
Story Notes:

This is my entry into the Delphic Expanse’s March 2011 History Challenge. I was given The French Revolution as my challenge so be prepared for a long ride, since I intend to take them from just before the storming of the Bastille, all the way through the Reign of Terror.

Thank you to my betas Honeybee (who looked at the intitial outline for my idea) and JiNX-01 for her beta of Chapter One. I ended up keeping a lot of the intial dialog, so I hope it isn't too long. :)

NOTE 02/20/2012: Yes, I realize it's been almost a year since I posted this intro. I've discovered I don't do well in the post-as-you-go category of fanfic writers, and I apologize to those waiting for the next part of this story. Fear not, however, I did NOT drop this one. I'm still writing on it and I'm loving it. However, I will not post again until it's completed, in its entirety, and I suspect that'll be sometime in the summer of 2012. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

NOTE 12/02/2020: Well. Um. So... it's been a while. How are you? Good, I hope? Yeah. This fic. If it's any consolation, this story has never left me in ALL THIS TIME. Unfortunately I began wrting it right when so much of life changed, both positive and negative. If you're reading this in 2020 you probably have a better inderstanding of that sort of thing than you ever had. 

Anyway, I'm still intent on finishing this. I've written more on it, read through a pile of books on the historical era, and made lots of notes. I intend to post my first new bits of this story in March of 2021, fully ten years after I wrote this "Prolouge". 

1. Prologue by EntAllat [Reviews - 6] (2137 words)

This chapter simply sets up the situation and introduces the participants. Observant readers will notice that one major command crew character is missing in the last scene. He'll show up elsewhere in the Chapter One, where the action really gets going for our heroes.