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Archer transported down to the surface, entering the hotel alone. He wanted to tell his crew what he had seen before revealing her to them. His crew had gathered in the lobby, waiting for him.

"Where have you been, Captain?" said T'Pol, clearly irritated at the breach of protocol as well as Jon's disappearance.

"Solving the mystery of the other ship," said Jon.

Once Trip, Malcolm and T'Pol gathered around him, Jon tried to explain the whole story.

T'Pol immediately proved skeptical.

"The Vulcan Science Directorate has said that time travel is impossible," she said. Jon heard ice in her voice.

"Good for them," said Jon, "and I'd like to hear their explanation for the duplicate 100-plus year old Enterprise that's orbiting this planet. Or the young woman I've spent the last couple of hours with who carries genetic markers from more than one of my crew members."

Trip thought for a moment. "Elizabeth Tucker?" he said.

"Your granddaughter," said Jon, "Phlox confirms it. She's the doctor on the other Enterprise."

"I'll be damned," said Trip. It clearly hadn't yet clicked with him why his granddaughter might have pointed ears and resemble Commander T'Pol.

"Captain," said T'Pol, "we must consider the possibility that this is some kind of elaborate deception."

"I was on the ship, T'Pol. It's Enterprise. A beat-up Enterprise, to be sure, but that is my ship," said Jon.

Malcolm folded his arms. "What did this young woman tell you about the Xindi?"

Jon looked around. Only T'Pol, Trip and Malcolm knew the real reason why Enterprise had journeyed into this part of space.

"She said that in the other timeline, the Xindi had attacked Earth. That we came to stop them from destroying our planet. In that timeline, these Sphere Builders convinced the Xindi that we were the deadly threat to them...and they sent a weapon to destroy us."

All of the officers looked at each other. They had been sent into this region of space searching for answers about the Xindi. According to an inter-dimensional being who had contacted Starfleet Command, the Xindi were a grave threat to Earth and only a preemptive strike against them could save the budding coalition.

High ranking members of the Starfleet Command had been skeptical. Skeptical enough to send Enterprise into the Delphic Expanse to discover who the Xindi were and why they might want to destroy humanity. But Starfleet command had been spooked enough and taken the warning seriously enough to begin construction on a bioweapon that would destroy any Xindi that came near Earth.

"I never trusted that...creature," said Malcolm.

"That's why we were sent here," said Jon, "to find out the truth."

Trip shook his head. "We need to contact Starfleet and tell them to halt production on that bio-weapon. It sounds like these Xindi are just pawns, and since that didn't work out on the other timeline, these sphere builders are trying to use us as the pawns in this timeline."

T'Pol began tapping on her PADD. It took her a few moments, but from the looks of it, she was decrypting some important data.

"Starfleet may find that premature," she said, "but I have other evidence that might convince them."

She showed the image on the PADD to the others. It was a giant sphere, nearly sixteen miles wide.

"This appeared in Vulcan space about a year ago," she said. "The High Command has been keeping it highly classified. The science directorate believe the sphere emits gravetron radiation that has begun to cause spacial anomalies."

"I'll be damned," said Malcolm.

"It sounds like these sphere builders are trying the process in reverse. Instead of having the Xindi attack Earth, they are trying to get us to attack these Xindi," said Jon.

"But it won't work," said Malcolm. "We won't take their bait."

Outside the hotel, Lizzie saw Karyn and Alex cross the street toward her. She waived.

"You won't believe it," said Lizzie, "I've just spent the last two hours with Jonathan Archer. And not the old man I knew when I was little. He and his Enterprise are orbiting this planet right now...I even met Phlox and Hoshi Sato."

"Whoa," said Alex, "That's insane. Totally insane."

Karyn peered into the lobby of the hotel. She didn't yet believe her great-grandfather would be standing inside.

"Their timeline is different. No Xindi attack...so I don't know what they are doing this far out. Archer was evasive on that question," said Lizzie.

Lizzie racked her brain to remember the history lessons of her youth. Everyone knew about the Xindi attack, but she couldn't remember what happened right before them. She guessed that would have been when the timelines diverged.

"All right people," said Alex, "I don't feel equipped to deal with this. We need to get your dad involved, Lizzie. And your grandmother."

Lizzie nodded.

"She's going to be shocked," said Lizzie, "I don't think she ever even considered this possibility."

"Strange, running into the younger you," said Alex.

Alex doesn't know the half of it. Lizzie knew things about her grandmother that no one else knew, not even her father. She knew that exposure to Trellium-D had damaged her grandmother's emotional control and all that it had led to. But none of that would ever happen now. Lizzie thought that the woman inside the hotel would be a very different person than the T'Pol she knew.

"I sent a message to Father," said Lizzie. "I"m sure he'll consult with grandmother over what to do."

Karyn leaned over to Lizzie. She spoke in almost a whisper. "So what's he like?"

Lizzie thought for a moment."You've read all his personal logs. And his captain's logs. He's exactly like he appears to be in them. Only better looking...I think the  pictures don't do him justice."

"And you saw my great-grandmother?" asked Alex.

"Just briefly," responded Lizzie. "She's adorable. Way more adorable than you."

Karyn approached the door nervously.

"I'm the captain," said Karyn, "I should go inside."

"You'll do fine," said Lizzie."You've handled everything the last year has thrown at you. Those crazy Ossarian pirates. Those nutty colonists from that gas giant. Those Xindi Aquatics that nearly drowned us all ...this will be easy compared to all of that."

Alex put his hand on Karyn's shoulder. "But don't kid yourself, this is highly weird. I mean, not Insectazoid party weird - but pretty weird."

Karyn brushed Alex off. "Stop joking," she said, "This isn't funny. It's. . .it's. . "

"It's a little funny," said Lizzie, "I mean who else gets to meet live versions of their ancestors? I mean, that could only happen to us Beta-Xers."

Karyn put her hands on her hips. "I'm going in," she said.

So Karyn strolled into the lobby of the hotel to meet her great-grandfather.

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