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Jonathan and Malcolm consider choices made in the past and for the future.

Rated: G
Categories: Slash > Archer and Reed Characters: Archer, Reed
Genre & Keywords: AU, E2 Universe, Family, Romance
Story Type: Drabble, Story
Warnings: None
Series: Refuge
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Published: February 13, 2011 Updated: February 13, 2011
Story Notes:

Disclaimer: The characters of Star Trek: Enterprise are the intellectual property of CBS/Paramount.  No profit is being made.

This is the seventh part of the Refuge series, a double-drabble. It refers to Refuge, which recalls Jon and Malcolm's quiet marriage before The mission to the Expanse.

Please note that this story incorporates my personal take on the events of E2, noteably that the child referred to as Archer's was actually raised as Jon and Malcolm's child, borne out of kindness to the couple by an alien woman rescued by Jonathan. I realize this is a highly personal interpretation, but I prefer to believe that their relationship survived and flourished in the environment of the generational ship.

1. Chapter 1 by Mareel [Reviews - 0] (199 words)