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The Enterprise crew find themselves playing out the days of a long-dead culture. Can they change the ending?

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Genre & Keywords: Action, AU, Drama, Romance, Time Travel
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Published: February 07, 2011 Updated: February 09, 2011
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This takes place a couple of years after "Terra Prime" (in what would have been Season 6). Hoshi, Travis and Malcolm have all received promotions; Lieutenant, Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander, respectively. TnT are bondmates, while Malcolm and Hoshi are engaged.

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1. Chapter 1 by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 3] (3613 words)

According to Memory Alpha, Surak lived (by Terran time reckoning) during the 4th century. (c. 300) The height of the Aronian civilization was during the Pre-Awakening, while Vulcan was wracked with civil war, and its decline during Surak's Time of Enlightenment. 

2. Chapter 2 by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 0] (2655 words)

The Away Team has been caught up in Aronia's past. Can you tell who is who? And there's a cameo by another ENT character, though he isn't named here. Can you guess who he is?

3. Chapter 3 by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 0] (4075 words)

The worlds continue to collide with each other. Visions plague Leen'da, but what do they mean?

4. Chapter 4 by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 0] (4789 words)

Archer mentioned in "Hatchery" that his great-grandfather served in North Africa during the Eugenics Wars. Malcolm talked about his great-uncle aboard the HMS Clement in "Minefield". The other ancestors (for Trip and Travis) are made-up.

The two enemy "Shadows" are also cameos by ENT characters? Which ones? And the relationship between Hu'fase and Leen'da might be more complicated than anyone knows.

Warning: Character deaths (sort of. They aren't really dead, but...you'll see). And fans of Babylon 5 might find a homage in this chapter.

5. Chapter 5 by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 0] (3969 words)

Lots of action...our intrepid team tries to restore history from two points of time.

6. Epilogue by Lady Rainbow [Reviews - 0] (958 words)

The correct timeline has been restored, but there are still a few surprises left.