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Trip is leaving and Archer has no idea why.  A introspection based on the last scene from The Aenar.  Archer's POV.

Rated: PG-13
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Genre & Keywords: Angst, General, Missing Scene
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Warnings: Drugs/Heavy Drinking
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Published: January 20, 2011 Updated: January 21, 2011
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This story takes place right after the ending to ‘The Aenar.’ I was re-watching the series and when I got to that scene, the story presented itself. There are references to a number of episodes including ‘First Flight,’ ‘Desert Crossing,’ ‘ The Expanse’ and season three in general, ‘Cogenitor,’ ‘Shuttle Pod One,’ ‘Dawn.’ Some of it is plain made up backstory.


1. Chapter 1 by asearcher [Reviews - 3] (3151 words)