Archer's Lament by asearcher

A poem of Archer's feelings after the Expanse.

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1. Archer's Lament by asearcher

Archer's Lament by asearcher




Archer's Lament


I’m in a space inside that

I thought I’d never see.

Where all that I’ve believed in

Turns away from me.


I never have accepted,

That an end justified the means.

And yet the choices I have made

Replays those awful scenes


I’ve tortured, killed, and abandoned.

I’ve stolen things not mine.

For me to save humanity,

I’ve learned to cross the line.


I know it’s worth the sacrifice,

For what is one man’s soul?

In trade for all the billion lives,

That make up the human whole.


I feel I should be punished,

Cause I’ve turned back from the light.

Although I found I had no choice,

The alternative wasn’t right.


To damn us to extinction.

That would have been the cost.

And now I grieve my loss of self,

My soul that is now lost.



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