Formatting and Submission Tips

Formatting story notes, chapter notes and stories:

  1. Format story and chapter notes in plain text, with italics and bold where appropriate. Since all notes are assumed to be authorís notes, do not mark anything notes. The various skins do this clearly.
  2. Do mark specific things like disclaimers and spoilers by beginning the text Disclaimer: or Spoiler: and use plain text. All story notes should begin with a disclaimer, but individual chapter notes donít need a disclaimer.
  3. Notes that will potentially go out of date, requests for reviews, long-winded and obnoxious explanations and anything else that seems inappropriate should be edited out. Rating information, classifications, keywords and anything covered by the software, should also be edited out.
  4. Use the separator lines from the tinymce editor to separate sections unless the author requests otherwise for specific reasons. There should be no spaces above or below the line.
  5. There should be no phantom spaces at the end or the beginning of the story. Use the cursor to check and see if they are there. They show up a lot in the cutting and pasting.
  6. There should be line breaks between paragraphs but watch for double line breaks, which are common.
  7. Hold down control to select multiple classifications like Story Type, Genres and Keywords and Warnings.
  8. You may select individual categories one at a time. General doesnít have subcategories but Het, Slash, Moresome and Crossover do.
  9. If you are writing a crossover for a show that doesnít have a subcategory, contact us and weíll add it.
  10. Rate your story properly, especially if it is NC-17.
  11. If it is the last chapter of a multi-chapter story, simply put THE END at the end to indicate the finish.

General Tips:

  1. If you canít get some formatting to change, toggle out of the tinymce editor or look in the html to see if you can find the problematic code.
  2. If there are multiple formatting problems use the Paste from Word or the Paste in Plain text functions. Paste in Plain text will strip out all formatting, but it can be useful for shorter stories.
  3. Look at the preview. Our skin is designed to have padding around the story, story notes and chapter notes boxes. If that padding isnít there, then there is garbage code that can be taken out/cleaned through Paste from Word.
  4. If you are working on a mac, and formatting gets wiped away when you cut and paste, try submitting using Safari rather than Firefox.
  5. The editor is an excellent tool, but it is eccentric so be prepared for glitches. Whether you are an admin or an author, keep our submission and beta guidelines


  1. If you are an author, and your story isnít properly formatted our admins will either make small changes or send the story back to you for changes.
  2. We donít accept everything. If the story isnít good quality or offends our sensibilities, weíll reject it. The Warp 5 Complex and take almost everything, and you are free to link to your stories posted there in our forums.
  3. If you're an author and English is not your primary language, we don't want you to feel shy about submitting your story. Just remember that having a beta reader will be especially important for you. Our site is designed for English readers, so your story must read correctly in English.
  4. If you are struggling with a story, feel free to avail yourself of our fiction workshops and the no crying forum, both of which can be found in our site forum.