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Reviewer: bluetiger Signed [Report This]
Date: February 05, 2013 09:36 pm Title: Chapter 7

That was interesting. I admit that I had expected some resistance from the Tuckers. I should have realized that since Charles already knew so much about the fate of his children from the other universe that he would be prepared for all of this.

Trip and T'Pol just let T'Mir think she was playing them when all the time they knew what was going down with her and Dante.

Nicely wrapped up but it does seem like you are leaving some things for them to  deal with in future stories. I hope!

Author's Response:

My plan all along was that Charles was one step ahead of his kids. I think he and T'Pol would have to be to have thrived in this MU for so long! And yes, there's plenty more to tell here. I have a scene in my head where Henry's mother comes looking for him that will have to be written one day, and then of course Archer will have to find out about Henry! I doubt I'm done with these characters. :) Again, thank you. Thank you. Your last picture of Henry and Lorian is now my wallpaper.

Reviewer: Kathy Rose Signed [Report This]
Date: February 04, 2013 07:25 am Title: Chapter 7

I'm sorry to see this end. It does seem that everything has worked out nicely for everyone. Given the circumstances, I think Henry's done well for himself, and I'm glad he was told about his father.

It's interesting that you decided to go with Charles' thoughts at the end of the story, although I do agree he is a lucky man in both universes. But being the father of one of the people in each of two different relationships, that does serve to tie it together.

I don't envy these characters. Your story clearly illustrates the fine line they have to walk. It gives the story an edginess that really brings across how difficult it is to live in that empire. I also appreciate that, while there was an instance of violence (the guard smacking Henry around), it was more than offset by the love that developed.


Author's Response:

It's a little shiny to have a happy ending in th MU, but hey, this is the V-Day fic, right? I originally wanted this much shorter, but I think I could have written 100,000 words. I did leave it open for the sequel, because it's fascinating to have characters who are fundementally good but have a different ethical framework. I also wanted to end with some of our classic heros, rather than my OCs, especially MU Trip, who I always imagine is one step ahead of everyone! But I'm so pleased that you enjoy the OCs and their little world. Ultimately, I tried to make it so T'Mir and Lorian insulated in their Versailles-like bubble, and then Henry comes along and shows them how good they have it. So, anyway, thank you so much for your support, and I'm so addicted to these characters I think you'll see them again!

Reviewer: Kathy Rose Signed [Report This]
Date: February 01, 2013 06:00 am Title: Chapter 6

That last line cracked me up. Those Tucker children sure have a propensity for quickly falling in love and acting on it, don't they?

I know you said that Archer wouldn't make an appearance in this story, but I can hardly wait to find out what, exactly, his position is. Lorian and T'Mir are both worried about what happens if everyone realizes that Henry is his son, so it's got to be something either very important or very bad. Both?

Dante presenting the flower to T'Mir was a romantic gesture that one might not expect of Romulans, but then, this is MU. Perhaps Romulans are more gentle-natured here?

Author's Response:

Archer is the consort of the Empress, who isn't Hoshi but rather Trip's sister Elizabeth. I wrote a very long MU story called "A Mirror Cracked" in which Trip has to go rescue his sister from Empress Hoshi, only to discover Elizabeth has had Hoshi "taken care of" and has taken her place, and married Archer because he's a great lay and not smart enough to be a threat to her power! So, I made this a defacto sequel to that! So, Archer is the Consort to the Empress and probably fancies himself an Emperor in all but name. TnT's kids, being blood related to the Empress are "of the blood royal".

As for the Tucker kids, a Vulcan propensity to bond plus teenage human impulse does make them passionate and impulsive! And Romulans and Vulcans are much closer in this timeline, since the Romulans assist Vulcan in resistence. But Empress Elizabeth is trying to integrate Vulcan and Vulcans into her empire, using her sister-in-law to do it!

Reviewer: bluetiger Signed [Report This]
Date: January 31, 2013 11:24 pm Title: Chapter 6

Lorian needs to protect Henry from what and who he now knows about. This may be his greatest danger. History is full of men being killed to protect a throne.

T'Mir sure did a rapid turn around. Bemoaning her fate all the way to Vulcan and then falling into bed with Dante. The girl makes up her mind at warp speed.

Lorian and Henry getting married is probably not going to go over in the MU as smoothly as it did in the RU. It appears that much 'stuff' is about to hit the fan.

I cannot imagine that this Trip and T'pol are going to be pleased. I know they want Lorian to be happy but I think they had more of a sex partner and sounding board in mind.

Author's Response:

Yes, I researched history. Emperor Augustus was Ceasar's adopted, not bio son. Nero was a stepson of Claudius. And Henry VI's illegitimate half brother had a son who with a tenous claim to the throne through his mom and a big army got to be Henry VII of England. So, this Henry's birth circumstances would not hinder him becoming a threat, even though he really isn't one. Lorian, as impulsive a teenager as his sister, thinks he can protect him. T'Mir, on the other hand, just needed a friend to tell her that it wasn't okay that she didn't have a choice, but to make the most of it. Seeing Lorian accidently happy kind of inspired her. Anyway! TnT return in the next chapter and all will be revealed! Thanks! 

Reviewer: Kathy Rose Signed [Report This]
Date: January 31, 2013 10:07 am Title: Chapter 5

I think Henry's a lot more insightful than either T'Mir or Lorian give him credit for. His comment about T'Mir's marriage saving millions of lives was very to the point.

It should be interesting to see what happens when they arrive at Vulcan.


Author's Response:

I think so! Henry is the one of the three that has faced his own death head on, and so he does have some insight there! Thanks again for reading!

Reviewer: bluetiger Signed [Report This]
Date: January 30, 2013 10:23 pm Title: Chapter 5

No wonder T'Mir is a bit looney. So many images from so many timelines would rattle your brain. But on the other hand, it did let her quickly figure out Henry's parentage.

It would be nice to know that people you meet are friends in other times and places. Sort of instant trust. They are so cute together, already bantering like old friends. I must say though, I can see why she's angry. Being locked up and constantly guarded would get old.

Too bad Lorian knows her so well, her reputation precedes her, so I get that Lorian is taking no chances. He would have a hard time explaining to his parents if T'Mir got the chance to pull a stunt.

Henry's instant love for Lorian certainly makes his situation a win-win. And he is most definiitly doing a good job of taking care of his responsibilities.

Author's Response:

Because this is a universe that doesn't value equality, it's doubly hard for T'Mir to be aware of the RU. But that's why Henry, while being a slave is difficult, isn't chaffing as much as T'Mir. He doesn't know any better, just rightfully knows he could have landed in a much worse situation, and if he ran away he'd probably end up in a bad situation. I thought a lot of what it would be like to grow up in a society where people aren't uncomfortable with slavery or forced prostitution (both of which exist now but at least most westerners are very against), and how it would change how people see the world. Anyway, thanks again!

Reviewer: Kathy Rose Signed [Report This]
Date: January 30, 2013 06:45 am Title: Chapter 4

Henry realizes how much better his life is since he escaped execution, but I wonder if he realizes how lucky he is that was Lorian who saved him. And I'm so glad he told Lorian about T'Mir's offer; if he hadn't, I could see that driving a wedge between his developing relationship with Lorian.

Good insight, or maybe Vulcan logic, on Lorian's part about how his sister's actons could be seen as a betrayal of her duty. I wonder if Lorian feels as trapped by duty as she does?


Author's Response:

This is a very different reality, where Humans don't really understand the concept of equality. However, Lorian is Vulcan enough to feel very uneasy with having a slave, and on top of that, he's human enough to know loving one could get him in trouble. Henry just feels incredibly close and loyal to Lorian, because he does feel rescued by him. Henry also doesn't really think escape is wise, as he knows just how harsh the Earth law can be. But Lorian didn't tell Henry he couldn't or shouldn't go, did he?

Reviewer: bluetiger Signed [Report This]
Date: January 29, 2013 10:04 pm Title: Chapter 4

That was beautiful. Those two are meant to be together in any reality. We can see that the bond is already forming between them. Lorian took great care with Henry.

Lorian appears to be as confused as Henry. Lorian was raised with the concept of owning slaves. It does not make him a bad man to follow ingrained customs, but we can see that his Vulcan half is at war with that.

I wonder how Lorian would deal with the realities of owning Henry according to custom. Would he hunt him down if he tried to escape (which seems unlikely) or would he punish him for going where he shouldn't, maybe helping T'Mir to escape. The sort of things a headstrong boy might do.

I imagine Lorian would have a formidable temper if pushed. There is no way a relationship like this can be all black and white.

I am glad that Henry was up front about T'Mir's request. I wouldn't want Lorian to get blindsided by his sister's plans.

Author's Response:

Thanks! I think Lorian is in a worse position than Henry, since Henry is at this point simply grateful to be alive and feels lucky to have been given to Lorian, as opposed to someone who would not treat him so kindly. Lorian, however, feels guilty and uncomfortable. I think he would let Henry go in a second if he thought that was what was best for him, but what's best for Henry isn't clear. Neither T'Mir or Henry have any money or anywhere to go, so running away is probably a bad idea. But yes, I think Lorian would have a temper, and he would punish Henry if he thought that would protect him somehow. It's not black and white at all.

Reviewer: bluetiger Signed [Report This]
Date: January 28, 2013 12:12 am Title: Chapter 3

Talk about feeling like a pet.' The groomer' is a perfect title for those that clean up the slaves and make them presentable.

I realize that this is the best Henry can hope for and it will probably only get better, but still...feel like a piece of meat much.

It appears that Henry is going to make an impressive companion, being so beautiful. I hope that as captain, Lorian quickly earns the respect of his crew.

I love seeing these character like this. It is such an interesting turnaround. One thing that did strike me, I hope that Lorian and T'Mir begin to actually start seeing the world through Henry's eyes and experiences. Even in this day and age, the privileged have no concept of how the other half have to struggle.

I also hope that T'Mir doesn't do something that gets Henry into trouble. I want to see Lorian and Henry get together, not him getting punished because of Lorian's wayward sister!

Speaking of getting together, I hope we don't have to wait very long (hint).

Author's Response:

I debated about which word to use, but groomer is perfect I think, very MU. Lorian doesn't have a clue that the word would be degrading, it's always been part of his life, and he's right about it at least physically feeling good to Henry. Lorian and T'Mir both do start to realize how different Henry's life has been, and they both like him just like in the RU. They know in the abstract how different life outside the palaces is, but this is probably the first time they've known someone from there. And Henry, though he will take to the physical pleasures, it's still not easy. Speaking of physical pleasures, you've got two beautiful teenage boys who are attracted to one another and staying in the same room. Plus one saved the other's life. Yeah, I don't think you will have to wait long for stuff to happen. Thanks as always! :)

Reviewer: Kathy Rose Signed [Report This]
Date: January 27, 2013 09:44 pm Title: Chapter 3

Aha! It's the green eyes that did it. For all his logic, Lorian seems smitten with Henry.

T'Mir is planning an escape, eh? Although she told Henry to come talk to her about it while on the ship, it doesn't seem like she'll act up too much on board.

I am curious what role Jonathan Archer plays, if any, in this story.

Author's Response:

Lorian is completely smitten! Totally and completely, with all the impulsiveness of a teenager and the depth of a Vulcan.  Archer's role is minimal, except having accidently fathered a child that in this timeline he knows nothing about. As for T'Mir, it will unfold, but needless to say her escape plan is probably a bad idea.

Reviewer: bluetiger Signed [Report This]
Date: January 26, 2013 11:32 pm Title: Chapter 2

This is an unsettling view of this reality. Now I am really feeling the MU. Being thrown in prison and executed at the whim of others is terrifying. Henry lucked out in this situation. Lorians instant attraction to him saved his life. It makes you wonder about the others that were not so lucky.

Once again your Lorian oozes sexuality. Even though he is a young man, he does project a commanding air. I realize that Trip and T'Pol's children are not cruel, but this reminds us that it is a cruel world in which they live.

It is very interesting to see this relationship played out in these circumstances and by a completely different set of rules.

Sometimes slightly barbaric is very sexy.


Author's Response:

Thanks! I didn't want to soften the MU, although TnTs children have been lucky and sheltered. I thought a lot about Versailles and the Roman Empire for inspiration. Lorian and his family aren't cruel, but their world view is skewed toward cruelty. Henry is very lucky to have been saved and to wind up with Lorian, and he's already started to realize it in this chapter. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed and I hope you will enjoy how this unfolds. 

Reviewer: Kathy Rose Signed [Report This]
Date: January 26, 2013 09:31 pm Title: Chapter 2

Wow. That was kind of hot and scary at the same time. And it only makes me want more. The storyline really flows in this chapter, without bogging down, but providing sufficient backstory to Henry's predicament to set the scene very well.

I'm not trying to draw comparisions to "Seeing Angels" as I read this, because it's two different universes, but I can't help but be impressed by the difference in each character you've shown us so far in this story. And yet in both stories, the importance of family shows through clearly.



Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm glad you're scared for him, because I wanted to show that this is still a very dark place, despite the bubble that TnT and their kids inhabit. I thought a lot about Seeing Angels and how the characters would be different. Hank seemed like a nickname Archer would bestow, and since he didn't raise Henry it's not here. Also, Henry is younger and more virginal, especially since he doesn't have the same reasons to act out. Lorian is tougher, but he's much the same person. I hope you enjoy the rest as well!

Reviewer: Kathy Rose Signed [Report This]
Date: January 26, 2013 07:17 am Title: Chapter 1

I'm hooked already! Having read "Seeing Angels," I can't wait to see how this MU version plays out.

One thing that really struck me upon reading this, and in relation to the MU 2-story arc on the series, is that in the MU, the Vulcans appear to have more compassion than the humans. Yet there's that jolt when T'Pol is thinking about "taking care of" T'Mir's husband if he harms her, as well as Charles' certainty that T'Pol will deal with T'Mir's husband if he mistreats her. The Vulcans in the MU, as illustrated by T'Pol here, may have more compassion, but they don't let it stand in the way of dealing with what needs to be done. There's a certain ruthlessness to it that makes them rather frightening.

I'm looking forward to seeing Lorian in command of a brief mission.

Author's Response:

I remember reading that the writers of the show didn't make the characters evil, but rather the same ones as in the RU but having grown up in a darker world. TnT's kids especially have grown up posh and spoiled, but they aren't evil. And yes, Vulcans don't like slavery, they are more compassionate but they will do what they have to do and expect people to make sacrifices for the greater good, such a T'Mir marrying a Romulan. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

Reviewer: bluetiger Signed [Report This]
Date: January 25, 2013 11:38 pm Title: Chapter 1

How very interesting to see these familiar characters in the MU. I can hardly wait to see who Lorian picks (wink, wink).The thing is, will said person come willingly?

If T'Mir falls as hard as she did in the RU, there should be fireworks. I loved the painting with the skeletal bride. She is quite the drama queen.

More please!

Author's Response:

I know, right? I wonder who Lorian will pick, with all those anvils falling! LOL. This was tricky because it would be natural to just make the characters all super dark, but with TnTs kids growing up really posh and sheltered, I written them as having the same essential personalities as they do in the RU just having reacted to very different lives. Lorian's - ahem - companion arrives in the next chapter. Thanks for reading.

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