Reviews For This Other Eden
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Reviewer: Mareel Signed [Report This]
Date: January 23, 2013 11:28 am Title: The Idle City

This is such beautifully drawn world! The Feyr are an unusual and fascinating people who make me want to know more and more about them and their culture. Their food sounds delicious!

I love the scene between Jonathan and Malcolm after they've met with Unya, where Jon is dealing with his guilt for earlier events and Malcolm offers him the insight he needs to come to terms with it: "That, in the deep of space, getting misrepresented and misinterpreted all the time... our very humanness saved a Feyr life?" This line just hits home perfectly, and that it is Malcolm reminding Jonathan of it seems both appropriate and indicative of the depth and quality of their relationship as it has developed over time, hastened by their experience on this world.

I see the pollen here as a catalyst for a latent relationship – each man had acknowledged the attraction to himself, but neither had made the first move toward acting on it.

Throughout the whole experience they're being open and honest with one another, and I love the small moments and touches and silent communication between them.

Reviewer: Mareel Signed [Report This]
Date: November 05, 2012 10:51 am Title: Green Fingers

I've told you how much I like this, and that I can't wait for the next parts.

One of the things that really works well is how the opening scene establishes that, for Malcolm, what happens on the planet is definitely not something without foundation in his own feelings about the man he's still thinking of as 'his Captain'. And then the progression in how he refers to Jon, both in addressing him and in his private thoughts, becomes steadily more personal.

That progression is mirrored in their gradually increasing ease with the intimacy of their situation - from apologies and embarrassment to 'it's okay in the dark' to the admission that the relationship wasn't at all unwelcome and that they would miss that intimacy when it ends.

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