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Reviewer: tishkajaku Signed [Report This]
Date: October 16, 2011 10:05 pm Title: Colloquy

I agree with your assessment of Archer's actions in Cogenitor. Trip was truly doing what he thought was right, and got burned badly for his choices. This was a difficult episode for me to watch, with Trip so devastated and Archer showing a hint of remorse as he turned his back, but not stopping his action.

i do like this attempt towards resolution of Archer's , however my heart is with Trip. and I want MORE from him to fix this! Thank you for the beginnings of that fix!

Reviewer: panyasan Signed [Report This]
Date: December 08, 2010 12:07 pm Title: Colloquy

This story doesn't seem to fit season two, but it's a missing scene and I loved it. Wished that Jon would see his own part a little more, but he is true to character. Liked T'Pol cool outside, but her concern shows. And still she stays fully Vulcan. Nice story.

Author's Response:

Thanks! Glad you liked it. Let's say that its closer to the season 2 that I would have liked to have seen...

Reviewer: Brandyjane Signed [Report This]
Date: December 05, 2010 07:19 am Title: Colloquy

This is a great segue into season three. It explains why Phlox would think of asking T'Pol to do the neuropressure, and it explains why T'Pol would consent. You're right that they don't show Trip and T'Pol to be this intimate onscreen, but I think they probably are well on their way to a good friendship at this point. I've always thought T'Pol probably, at the very least, provided a listening ear for Trip after the cogenitor's suicide. I think it is something that would haunt Trip for a long time. While the writers did a nice job of showing the distance between Archer and Trip afterward, they did not give us any additional insight into Trip's psyche. I like this scene enough that I'm going to add it to my own personal "mental canon."

Best line: "'I think that both Starfleet and Vulcan High Command will breathe a little easier knowing you're advising Trip on interspecies relations.' Too late, Jon heard the double entendre in his words and very nearly flinched but she seemed to not notice."

Author's Response:

Thank you! On of the biggest failings of season 2, IMO, is how they set aside the clear friendship that was beginning to grow between Trip and T'Pol in early season 1 in favor of the Archer/T'Pol dynamic. My personal feelings toward that dynamic are not relevant to this, but I just wanted to show that it continue, only in the background.

Of course, in my ideal universe, there wouldn't have been any "let's bounce T'Pol off every single male character on the show (except poor Travis) and she & Trip would clearly be the OTP pretty early on...

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