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Random Story
The Stone Forest by Mr Smith PG-13
Trip in the aftermath of Terra Prime.
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Cenote by EntAllat PG
Trip dives into danger in order to save a Vulcan child.
The Needs of the Many by Chuk49 R
This is an AU of the episode Twilight. May not make sense if have not seen that...
Intruder Alert by EntAllat G
Porthos sounds the alarm about a new crewmember.  
Happy Birthday Captain by EntAllat PG
Captain Tucker receives an uplifting gift from his crew. 
Finding the Balance by Amberlioness NC-17
Events following ‘Bound', leading up to ‘Demons'.  Trip and...
What Happens Here by Amberlioness NC-17
Missing scenes from ‘Harbinger', and the days that follow.  This...
Nebby's Drabbles by HopefulNebula PG-13
Drabbles of all stripes, written for the drabble challenges in the TDE forums...
Compass by HopefulNebula G
T'Pol's thoughts on receiving her gift in "Borderland."
Beginning in Earnest by Amberlioness NC-17
T'Pol makes amends with Trip after the events in the Expanse, and they begin...
The naked truth and other necessities of life by panyasan R
MU Tucker meets RU Tucker and T'Pol.
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While the forum is no more, and responses to email may be painfully slow, The Delphic Expanse archive is still accepting new fics.

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Fixed a problem with registration.

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Reed's Raiders by Lady Rainbow PG-13

Malcolm and the MACOs have to save the Enterprise crew from acting like pirates. Set...

Shuttlepod Two by EntAllat PG-13

In any universe …

A Sad Refrain by Mr Smith PG-13

Jonathan still doesn't know his armoury officer as well as he would like.

2011 Delphie Winner:...

Don't Dodge the Doctor by Kathy Rose PG

Once a year, Phlox has to track down his patients like dogs.

Shockwaves by Honeybee R

My answer to the August 2011 AU Challenge. Alternate Shockwave. Instead of going on their way, the...

Must Love Sehlats by Aquarius PG

To: Koken

From: Aquarius

Yes, this is my response to the 2011 Holiday Fic Exchange!...

The Big Reveal by Mistress Euclid PG

There is a murderer on Enterprise, and Malcolm Reed knows who did it!