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2161. Six years after “Terra Prime” and one year after the Romulan war.

According to historical records, Commander Charles Tucker the Third died two weeks previously. The records are incorrect.

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Published: November 24, 2010 Updated: June 20, 2016

1. Chapter 1 - Barefoot by panyasan [Reviews - 5] (4057 words)

The title is inspired by the 'Barefoot' challenge.

In this chapter, two events are described. They were inspired by the prologue of the story Differential by Zane Gray and by Missing Scenes from Season One - Sleeping Dogs by Alelou. Both are excellent stories and used with permission of the author. I also would like to thank my beta, Honeybee.

2. Chapter 2: Trapped by panyasan [Reviews - 4] (5839 words)

Time-line: In the midst of the Romulan war. The last parts take place one year after the Romulan war.

Author's note: Song by Lyle Lovett – Will Rise Up / Ain't No More Cane.

Malcolm Reed mentions in this chapter an investigation that ended in disaster. It's a reference to my story The Captives. Thanks to Transwarp, Honeybee, Paulinem, Crystalwolf, JiNX-01 and EntAllat for shaping and beta-ing this chapter.

3. Chapter 3: Rokel by panyasan [Reviews - 2] (9099 words)

This chapter takes place before chapter one and two, in which Trip is reported dead, and T'Pol and Malcolm are investigating what happened to him. This chapter is mostly from Trip's POV and reveals the events before his so called death.

Also, references are made to this story's prequel The Captives. In that story the investigation of Terra Prime leads to a prison sentence for T'Pol and Hoshi sustains an injury that impairs her hearing.

As for this chapter: the special door between Trip's and T'Pol quarters wasn't my idea. All the credit for that goes to Rigil Kent.

A/N: Special thanks for EntAllat for being an awesome beta and PaulineM for all her help.

4. Chapter 4: Dilithium by panyasan [Reviews - 1] (7913 words)

A/N: Thanks to my awesome beta EntAllat.

5. Chapter 5: Silverbirds by panyasan [Reviews - 1] (6858 words)

Summary of the story thus far: When Trip goes on a secret mission his vessel is attacked. At the last minute Trip is transported to another ship and sold as a slave to the Romulans. He meets four other prisoners, the Vulcans V’Ran and Mita, who is pregnant, the Tellerite Gel and the Andorian Skrov. He introduces himself as Rokel. As they work in a mining facility, Mita discovers that someone has planted an alien insect called a rovotkau behind Trip’s ear for the purpose of blocking his bond with T’Pol. The treatment for his insect infestation makes Trip very ill, but in the end he is able to meet T’Pol in their white space.

A/N: Thank you, readers and reviewers, for your patience! I also want to thank Distracted for her excellent work as a beta.

The part about Jon’s youth was inspired by the information about his father’s illness. Trip mentions in this chapter “the meaning of his official Earth name”. The name Charles means “human” or “male”.

This story is a sequel to The Captives. The evil genius in that story was Senator Tenson, Starfleet Liaison for Vulcan Affairs, who turned out to be a Romulan spy. In this chapter she returns to the stage.

6. Chapter 6 - Heartbeat by panyasan [Reviews - 1] (8348 words)

Short recap of the story: Trip is sent on a secret mission, but is caught by Orions and sold as slave to the Romulans to work on Farel Moon. Meanwhile, Starfleet believes Trip is dead and declares that his death is an accident, but when T'Pol meets Trip in her white space she discovers he is alive.

Part one of this chapter takes place just after Trip's arrival at Farel Moon (see chapter 4). The other parts take place after the meeting of Trip and T'Pol in their white space and shortly before T'Pol contacts Jon (chapter 5).

This story is a sequel to The Captives. In that story Malcolm Reed's girlfriend, a Starfleet engineer, was killed by Ellen Tenson, later exposed to be a Romulan spy.

Thanks to my awesome beta EntAllat.

7. Chapter 7 Family Ties by panyasan [Reviews - 1] (9834 words)

Author's note: The part about D'Orvak and T'Seil is from the story Three Months on Vulcan by Misplaced. It is used with the author’s permission.

Warning: this chapter deals with Pon farr and other difficult and uneasy events, which is why this story is R-rated.

Thanks as always to my beta, EntAllat. 

8. Chapter 8: Desert Rose by panyasan [Reviews - 1] (7220 words)

Recap of the story: Trip is sent on a secret mission to clear T'Pol and Archer’s names. His vessel is attacked and the ship is blown up. Starfleet believes Trip died in the attack. However, Trip was beamed over to an Orion vessel before the explosion. The Orions sell Trip to the Romulans. In a Romulan prison Trip meets V'Ran, Mita, Gel and Skrov, who become his friends. A group called the Kirakites, followers of Kirak, rescues Trip and his friends. Now they are traveling towards a new hiding place. Meanwhile, Malcolm and T'Pol have discovered the truth: Trip is not dead.

A/N: The techno babble is not mine. Putaro is the genius behind it. I couldn't have written this story and this chapter without my awesome beta, EntAllat. Thanks to every reader and reviewer.

9. Chapter 9: Unexpected by panyasan [Reviews - 1] (3322 words)

Summary: Trip has been lost on a secret mission and declared dead. Malcolm founds out he's alive, but captured by Orions and sold to the Romulans. Captain Archer ensembles a team and with their small, cloaked ship the crew starts the search for Trip.

Thanks to my wonderful beta, EntAllat. 

10. Chapter 10: T'Lessa by panyasan [Reviews - 1] (4874 words)

Previously: While on a secret mission, Trip is captured by Orions who then destroy his ship and sell him to the Romulans as a slave. Together with new friends and the help of a group lead by a man called Kirak, Trip escapes, only to learn that Kirak is T'Pol's long lost father.