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When grad student Trip Tucker lands a scholarship to spend a semester at the engeering institute on Vulcan, he gets more than he bargained for. (Alternate Universe.)

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Het > Tucker and T'Pol Characters: Other, Soval, T'Les, T'Pol, Tucker
Genre & Keywords: AU, Humor, Romance, Vulcancentric
Story Type: Story
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Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes
Word count: 18096 Read: 1006
Published: December 30, 2011 Updated: January 09, 2012
Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my wacky imagination. No copyright was harmed in the spinning of this quirky little tale.

Rating is for mild language, adult situations, and sensuality.

A/N: HopefulNebula was one of the winners of the reviewer's contest. Her prize? A custum fanfic written by me. :) (I'm honored!)

What she wanted in her story: 1). Trip & T'Pol, 2). A misunderstanding of some kind, and 3). Something uniquely alien.

What she didn't want in her story: 1). Taking "These are the Voyages" as canon (so with you there, hon), 2). Anything dark in tone, and 3). Character death.

With her permission, I went AU. Hopefully this meets her expectations.

Lots of information taken from the Vulcan Language Dictionary, the Vulcan Language Institute, Memory Alpha and Memory Beta. (And some stuff from Enterprise episodes.)

Finally, special thanks to Honeybee for weilding the red pen!

1. Month One by Misplaced [Reviews - 10] (4991 words)

2. Month Two by Misplaced [Reviews - 5] (8538 words)

3. Month Three by Misplaced [Reviews - 6] (4567 words)

Warning: Straight-ish talk about sex ahead. And angst. Because it's not a real Trip/T'Pol story without a smattering of angst. ;)