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After being missing for three months, Jon and Trip are finally reunited with Enterprise, their relationship changed forever.

Rated: NC-17
Categories: Three or More > Archer/T'Pol/Tucker, Het > Tucker and T'Pol, Slash > Archer and Tucker Characters: Archer, T'Pol, Tucker
Genre & Keywords: Angst, Challenge, Drama, Romance, Smut
Story Type: Story
Warnings: None
Series: 2011 Holiday Fic Exchange Stories
Chapters: 6 Completed: Yes
Word count: 11792 Read: 1711
Published: December 30, 2011 Updated: January 02, 2012
Story Notes:

Disclaimer:  I own absolutely, positivity, nothing.  CBS does.  So I’m not making any money out of it, I’m just taking my favourite people for a spin around the universe...

This is my Christmas gift to Aquarius, assigned to me at The Delphic Expanse.

Three things she wanted: 1. Cool Vulcan Mojo (TM). 2. A complex, grown-up, steamy, canon-friendly love triangle between Archer, T'Pol, and Trip, and, 3. YOU pick which two of the three (or all three) are endgame! (Yes, either het or slash, or AT&T.)

Three things she didn’t want: 1. Angst is okay to a point, but don't push it into melodrama. 2. Dismissive or cruel treatment of the odd man/woman out if a couple is endgame, and, 3. Pon farr as a plot device.

Her prompt: fire

Well, I hope I’ve achieved just that, so here ya go.

Thank you, Kathy Rose, for beta’ring this story for me, and making it all the better. You are a LEGEND!

Oh, this is set after Terra Prime and before TATV...

Merry Christmas to a wonderful lady!

*nervously selects ‘add story’ butto....*

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